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Mediator Europa serves the international trade and export industries. We help our customers build their reputation by raising important topics and actors into the news flow in Europe and Asia.

We write and produce written and audiovisual content for international audiences and increase the organic online traffic on our customers websites by providing news flow and stories that matter.

Our business is based on a comprehensive sales network in Europe and Asia and decades of experience in international news, advertising and film production.

International PR

Mediator Europa plans and produces PR operations in the European and Asian markets.

We help our customers build their reputation by raising important news, topics and people into the global news flow in television, radio, print and online news.

We solve how to contextualise the desired message into a journalistically interesting concept for the press. We adapt the concept to meet each country’s local news agenda and communications atmosphere before selling it to national news and current affairs media.

We increase the organic online traffic to our customers by routing the multinational news audiences to their websites.


Financial PR

Mediator Europa serves companies and corporations in search of equity finance to build a convincing equity story and marketing content. We provide service in internal communications and PR regarding mergers & acquisitions, as well as finance and capital market transactions.

We provide assistance in creating IPO marketing content such as fact-sheets, presentations, advertising, A-round / IPO-films and PR-operations. For the public listed companies

Mediator provides the communications required by ESMA.


Mediator Europa writes and produces factual content for international audiences. The service handles written and audiovisual content for all media, from press kits to corporate films that are actually enjoyable to watch.

They demonstrate clearly how the product or service works and what the company or brand is all about. Mediator Europa adapts audiovisual productions for all major European and most of the principal Asian language areas.

Take a peak at Marioff’s Hi-Fog presentation, for instance.


The Conductor

Sortter – Bye Bye Korot

Sortter – Parhaan hinnan takuu

Prompt – Together at Sea

Naturalis Apple

Euroeat Investor Road Show

Volvo and Sanomat: The Crash: Ponyride

Ailo’s Journey TV Commercial

Ailo’s Journey & Suomutunturi

Ailo’s Journey & Honka

Ailo’s Journey & Honka Log Homes

Fastest Bank in the World

Posti – Snows in hell

Unilever: Don’t wanna B alone.

Unilever: Don’t wanna B alone.

Fiskars Edge

Fiskars: ServoCut

Fiskars Functional Form

Ebookers Luxury – The Globe

Mediator Europa

F-Musiikki – Soitto alkaa Äffästä



Healthcare – A humane industry

Hi-Fog Water Mist Fire Protection


Graviditas Dive

Graviditas Dive

Ferratum – Term Deposit


Beauty for All The Senses

Doctagon KOTI

Ferratum – Multiple Currencies

Ferratum Deutsche Welle Interview

Ferratum Group IPO

Ferratum – Transferring Money

Ferratum Fishing

Ferratum – Open an Account

Ferratum Lending Money

Ferratum – Lending Money

Reporter excursions

Mediator Europa arranges international reporter excursions, and press conferences for factories and venues in Europe and Asia. We plan the media and reporter lists and sell the concept for news rooms.

ME creates the press materials and co-ordinates interviews, contacts with officials, as well as the photography and filming requirements of the media.



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3.3.2017 in Yleinen

Mediator palvelee nyt HPP-lawta.

Mediator Europa tuottaa täysin uuden tyyppisen PR-kokonaisuuden HPP-lawlle.
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24.2.2017 in Yleinen

Test number three

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10.2.2017 in Yleinen

Test number two

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